Sunday, July 12, 2009

Making your breasts bigger

The majority of women, particular women who have breastfed, become increasingly unhappy about the size of their breasts and spend a lot of time wondering how to make your breast larger. This article will discuss different methods to make your breast grow.

There are a large range of options currently available to get bigger boobs. The most common option that has been available for the longest period of time is having a breast implant.

However, breast surgery is a very expensive option and not usually something that every woman can afford. Quite often women resort to special breast implant financing to fund their new cleavage.

There has also been a lot of publicity worldwide about the long-term consequences of having an implant. For this reason it is beneficial to look at, and try, other options before costly and questionable breast surgery should be considered.

There are a number of methods nowadays to deal with small breasts and many of these techniques are safe without any known side effects.

Here is a brief rundown of the options available for women (and even men).

1. Natural Breast enhancement Creams

Usually this method works best when combined with other procedures. The best results are usually achieved when creams are combined with an exercise program and/or also pills.

How these creams and lotions work is that they put back into the body the adolescent hormones that were present in puberty which caused the breasts to develop in the first place. These hormones stimulate the body to grow more breast tissues and thereby give fuller, firmer and bigger breasts

2. Breast Enlargement Exercises

This is usually the more affordable option for increasing your cleavage. However, it does take considerable time and effort to get permanent results.

Just with any exercise program, it is important to perform a warm up and cool down to reduce the chance of any inadvertent injury.

At the completion of your workout is probably the best time to also add your cream to the mix as your body will be warm from the workout

3. Breast Enhancement Gum

It's hard to believe that you can actually increase your cup size by chewing gum but there is a chewing gum that claims to give substantial results. Of course, the cost is not as cheap as your average Wrigleys brand.

4. Breast Enhancer Pills

There are also a range of pills that contain herbal ingredients to help promote the growth of breast tissue to make breasts bigger.

These herbal ingredients promote oestrogen in the body which thereby promotes the growth of breast tissue.

There are no known side effects to these products and women with small breasts are able to make their breasts larger in a relatively short period of time. Some pills also promote general wellbeing and sexual health.